Welcome to I created this website so I could help people protect themselves from fraud and identity theft. Identity theft prevention is very important. Online Scams come in many different forms and variations.

I will give you a simple introduction of myself.

My name… well that doesn’t matter yet. I will reveal this at a later time. My background isn’t very “productive” is what some of you may call it. I was into Identity Theft, Credit Card Fraud, and any other cyber crime to make a quick buck. I had got started when i was approximately 13 years old. I am now 27 almost turning 28. I did 4 years in a federal prison when the secret service finally arrested me. I was into a lot of dirt involving the internet and cyber crimes. It actually was really easy to me….. unfortunately I was committing crime instead of being more productive with myself. This was my biggest downfall.

I’m currently in the process of writing a book about my life and all the crazy stunts that I encountered while living this lifestyle. If you don’t see too many posts on here, that is why. Along with me working my construction job all the time. This website doesn’t pay the bills much, unless you sign up for lifelock or any of my other affiliates. Which I would highly recommend doing. ┬áNot just because it helps me pay off my restitution, just because it’s a better way for you to protect your assets.

The purpose of this page is to use the tactics I previously did when stealing, to help you further protect yourselves. This is an ongoing problem and I will now reverse my knowledge, so I can help protect the hard working people.

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